Spa. is more than a pretty face. This plant is known for its purifying qualities. And, all that freshness will help you relax and forget those daily worries. The result will be rest and focus. The result? More rest and focus will clear your thoughts and produce a more productive attitude. A win-win situation if there ever was one!


A stuffy office, tight deadlines, exhaust fumes and puffy eyes … Stop! Close the door quickly behind you and step into your self-created green wellness oasis. Spa., with its large green leaves and clear white flowers is there for you! Can you feel the tension subside in your shoulders and the slight headache start to fade away?

An instant Spa. feeling at home! You can recognise Spa. by the label and matching pot cover – as well as by the following:

  • Broad, dark-coloured leaves
  • Large, clear white flowers
  • Thick flower stems
  • Robust plant
  • Retains its huge size even during the winter

Fortunately — although the origins of the Spathiphyllum lie in the Amazon area — it has been a house plant for quite a few years. A sturdy green plant with rich white flowers. Did you know that, because of the shape of its flowers, the Spathiphyllum is sometimes also called the spoon plant? It blooms between four and ten weeks, followed by several weeks of rest during which time it develops new flower buds.

It is an ideal plant in every sense of the word: easy to care for and quite strong! Don’t worry about forgetting to give it water once in a while. With the Spathiphyllum’s resilience, the next time you water the plant, it will again stand sturdy and tall. Besides its splendid outer appearance, its inner workings also play an important role. The Spathiphyllum is known for its purifying effects. The plant absorbs substances such as formaldehyde, in exchange for which it gives off oxygen. Who would not welcome such a heathy, green friend in their homes?

  • Spa. relishes warm temperatures, at least 14 degrees Celsius!
  • Place the Spathiphyllum in an area with restricted light.
  • With its roots in the rain forest, the Spathiphyllum needs a lot of water. It is crazy about moist pot soil.
  • Spray regularly to prevent brown tips on the leaves caused by dry air.
  • Give Spathiphyllum plant nutrients once a month.
  • The flower should be white. If it turns green, you should cut it off at the lowest possible point.
  • Also cut off any leaves that are slightly brown. In that way, the plant can inject energy in the new flowers and fresh leaves.
  • Is your Spathiphyllum outgrowing its pot? The best time to repot it is in the spring.
  • Place the Spathiphyllum preferably in pot soil with coconut fibre.
  • A bathroom is an ideal location for Spathiphyllum: less light and lots of moisture!

Spa. is cultivated with great care by Bestplant Nursery. Tended for months in the greenhouse, the plants then fan out across Europe and the rest of the world. Want to know more about the Spathiphyllum or the growers? Continue reading this website or contact Bestplant.

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